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Tenebrous Liar

Tenebrous Liar's Last Stand - TV005 (English Import on TV Records)

$15.00 (includes postage to U.S. and Canada)

The album was recorded in a single thirteen hour session, under the aegis of friend and collaborator
Richard Warren, perhaps best known for his work with Echoboy, Spiritualized and Soulsavers.
Overdubs were added later, at Steve's and Rich's houses, as was the album's brooding, menacing
opening track, 'Blood Moon', which Gullick claims was written on a Tuesday, recorded on a
Wednesday, and mixed that Thursday. Certainly, nothing about the song feels rushed, Gullick's weary croon wreathed in the crackle and buzz of an old 78, couched in the uneasy reverb of bruised guitar and
gospel organ.

From hereon in, things get darker, heavier, gloriously intense. 'Pretender' rocks bluntly, with the
stately lurch of Crazy Horse, and a nagging chorus hook, its sleazy vamp the equal of 'One Last
Time's aching melancholy. For the pounding 'Sour' the group stir up a motorik groove, while 'Alight' imagines deliriously cacophonic gloom-pop as Dinosaur Jr might've scored it. It's the closing tracks
that provoke the deepest shivers, however: 'Tenebrous Liar', a soulful sonic storm that rolls in, quaking
and squalling like a lost chapter to The Lift To Experience's The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads; and 'Last Stand', a splintering, cathartic blast with many false endings, stirring up a
similar sense of profound disquiet as Nirvana's In Utero. It's on such a droning, draining note that
Tenebrous Liar leave us, sated and moved and rocked, but profoundly. There's no doubt that, since that
moment, new dark inspiration has flowered within the Tenebrous Liar rehearsal rooms, but Last Stand
provides plenty food for the thought, until the group next arise.

Tony Ash guitar, bass
Alex Brown backing vocals
Steve Gullick vocals, guitar
James Maiden guitar
Pete Spiby drums, backing vocals
Richard Warren guitar, organ
Brendan Casey, bass

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Order Satellite Records CDs, Mp3s, full album down loads or single tracks from CDbaby and iTunes