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 Splinter 0003-2


devics - Buxum

Their first full length CD featuring the smoky, iridescent vocals of Sara Lov. 10 songs including their first single Peresoso

 CD $12.00

 Splinter 0004-2

 devics - If You Forget Me

More melancholy and heartache including the fantastic track "Firehead" featuring great guitar work by Dustin O'Halloran

 CD $12.00
Breathcd18  Breathless - After All These Years, Solar Blue, Ribbon Waves

 cd single


 Breathless - Behind The Light

After All These Years, And So The Dream Goes On, Stay beside you, Noboday Knows, Rising, Behind The Light (parts i - iv), Fade

 CD $18.50
Vossa 5

 Moly : Moly

All new 8 track cd of instrumental bliss.

 CD $18.50
 Vossa 4

 Moly - It Rained, But We Cheered

the things i could do to you with a coathanger, cut me Mick,

sheep mentality, mild heart attack #3


 Vossa 3

 Moly - Your Life Is In Danger

Steptomycin, Karachi, May Your Path Lead To Wisdom
Not If You Want To Keep Your Spleen, Visions Of Hate
I Won't Hurt You, On The Verge Of Self Immolation
Do Well Doubt Not

Vossa 1

Moly - Expressing Scorn Contempt Or Disgrace

Me and Lucifer (radio edit), Do Well Doubt Not, Wherever We Stand People Always Make A Pathway Through Us, Me and Lucifer (propper version)



 Breathless - The Glass Bead Game

Across The Water/All My Eye And Betty Martin/Count On Angels/Monkey Talk/Every Road Leads Home/Touchstone/Sense Of Purpose/See How The Land Lies


 vinyl $12.00

cd $18.50

Breathless - Nailing Colors to the Wheel EP vinyl

Bad Blood/Waiting On The Wire/Count On Angels/The Warmest Kiss


Breathless - Three Times and Waving

Sold Down The River/Is It Good News Today?/Three Times and Waving/Into the Fire/Working For Space/Waiting On The Wire/Dizzy Life/Say September Sings/Let's Make A Night Of It

vinyl $12.00

cassette $8.00

CD $18.50

Breathless - Chasing Promises CD or vinyl LP

Compulsion/Hereby/Better Late Than Never/Heartburst/Moment by Moment/Smash Palace/Sometimes on Sunday/Glow/Ageless/Pride

 VINYL LP $12.00

CD $12.00

Breathless - I Never Know Where You Are 12"vinyl EP

I Never Know Where You Are/Moment by Moment (version)/Heartburst

Breath9 Breathless - Always/Flowers Die

12" single $10.00

7" single $4.00

Breathless - Between Happiness and Heartache CD

I Never Know Where You Are/Over And Over/Wave After Wave/You Can Call It Yours/All That Matters Now/Clearer Than Daylight/Flowers/Help Me Get Over It


Breathless - Over and Over/All That Matters Now CD EP

Over and Over/All That Matters Now/Waiting on the Wire/Moment By Moment (version)


Breathless - Don't Just Disappear CD Single

Don't Just Disappear/Everything I See/Don't Just Disappear (radio edit)


Breathless - "Heartburst" (import)

13 song CD. Basically the same as the Satellite Release except this one has both versions of "Don't Just Disappear". Also, the version of "I never know where you are" is the full length version as opposed to the radio edit. The cover art is slightly different as well. If you are a Breathless completest you need to own both!

 Breath14  Breathless - "Magic Lamp"/"Blue Moon"

 7" vinyl $4.00

cd $9.00
 Breath 15

 Breathless - "Blue Moon" CD

walk down to the river/magic lamp/viva/goodnight/green finger swinger/come reassure me/all the reasons slide/drifting/ballroom/no answered prayers

 Breath 17

 Breathless - Walk Down To The Water cd single

"Walk Down to the Water" edit, "Goodnight" and "Moonstone Part 3"

 chick1 Chicklet - t-shirts. Sizes small and large. White shirt with blue band logo.

 chick 2 Chicklet - "Frown "- the video (vhs). Very cool self directed video. Too bad you won't see it on MTV, so buy it today! Watch it for FREE by going to the Chicklet website (see links page).

 fever1 Feverdream - Promo poster for "You don't know us, but we know who you are". Color Xerox, size 11"*17". Features Ewan and the infamous "bra" photo!

 fever2 Feverdream - Promo poster for "Songs By Strung Out Singles". Full color Glossy poster, size 161/2" * 23". Features the cd cover.


Lost and Found


Mad Parade - "This is life" CD compilation

16 tracks from Satellite's "As soon as it begins..." remastered for this German import. Includes:Court Jester/Facing the Crowd/Hollywood Vampires/One Tin Soldier/Frightened Again/I'm a Monster/Real Horror Show/Sex and Violence/Right is Right/Calling Out/This is Life/Cut Throat/The Night is ours Forever/Mother Little Helper/Second Chances/Talk to Me 


Million Six - 4 song 7" E.P.

Melodic punk from former members of The Steps and Chainsaw Pop now playing with White Trash Debutantes and Mad Parade. Rough Way Down/Jesus/20k/Trophy Girlfriend 


 All Prices Include Postage For The USA.

For Orders To Canada And Mexico, Add $2.00 To Your Order.

All Other Countries Add $7.00 For Global Priority Mail (1 to 3 items)

Or $12.00 For International Registered Mail (4 or more items).