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 It's a Damned, Damned World CD

"It's a Damned, Damned, Damned World" CD SAT 70019

A worldwide tribute to The Damned, a co-release with Neat Damned Noize zine. 24 bands from 8 countries around the world pay homage to one of the best and most original forces in Punk Rock history. Features: from Japan - The Red King, from Germany - La Cry, from Scotland - Gin Golbins (featuring Big John, former guitar maestro with The Exploited). Also, L.A.'s own Cheeseburger, as well as Satellite's Haymaker L.A., Million Six and Garganta. Flipside says: "Worth your time and money". Etch magazine says: "You should buy this"
With a 20 page booklet and great sound samples between each song.

Million Six, USA-Life Goes On, Regale Moi, France-New Rose, La Cry,
Germany-Liar, Cheeseburger, USA-So Messed Up, Stimpy, Germany-Shadow of
Love, Los Guarriors, Spain-Love Song, Steve and the Jerks, France-Fan
Club, Sex Sex Sex-Plan 9, Channel 7, Hates, USA-See Her Tonight,
Haymaker L.A., USA-Antipope, Punica Oasis, Germany-Dozen Girls, Closed
3rd Eye, USA-Problem Child, Alchemysts, England-Edward the Bear, Gin
Goblins, Scotland-13th Floor Vendetta, Garganta, USA-I Just Can't Be
Happy Today, Red King, Japan-History of the World part 1, Senor No,
Spain-Melody Lee, The L.O.P., USA-Born To Kill, Bride Just Died,
England-Suicide, Mortifer, Sweden-Testify, Strange Parcel Routine,
USA-Rabid (Over you), The Vermin, USA-Nasty, Finc, Denmark-Wait For the
Blackout, Bliss in the Cist, USA-Anything

 Haymaker L.A.

HAYMAKER L.A. -8th Floor/Carrie Anne/Go - SAT 70018

Flipside says: "3 punk rawk toe tappers...pretty rad and catchy". Stubble says: "Green Day meets Iggy Pop". Aggressive punk rock n'roll from one of L.A.'s brightest hopes. Three tracks of wild guitars and bad boy vocals that will leave you wanting more. Check out this trios version of "Anti-Pope" on the Damned tribute CD. On clear blue vinyl!


FEVERDREAM "You don't know us, but we know who you are" CD SAT 70017 $9.97

"Post punk-mellow-tripped-rawking tunes. Catchy singing, moving beat that keeps you interested the whole way through. Some very cool stuff here. Gets cooler with each bite" - Flipsaide #107.
"Singer Ewan McArthur bawls dramatically with the guts of Stiff Little Fingers" Jake Burns - The Big Takeover #40.
"If you love moody guitar rock rock with balls, you'll love Feverdream. Think Chameleons, Catherine Wheel and Swervedriver" - Vendetta #9. What more can we say? Definitely one of the coolest bands to come out of Australia in a long, long time.
 $9.97  Order online and Hear it here!

GARGANTA "Souped Up" CD SAT 70016

13 songs from this "three guys and a girl singer garage punk goth pop rock band". Featuring vocals that go from hard and nasty to soft and sweet. Often compared to X-ray Spex, 45 Grave and The Chubbies!?! Grid magazine says "Portishead meets Tool!? No Doubt meets No Means No? Yeah that's it!" You may recognize track #3, "My Complaint" from its many compilation appearances. A whole lotta fun!
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GARGANTA - Social Suicide/Liquid Mood - SAT 70015

The dark and moody side of Garganta. Angular, anguished guitars and vocals highlight this debut release. Two of their best songs done up a little different from the cd versions. Here Be Monsters says "Nice busy sounding indie...Girlie vocals instantly remind one of X". New Brand says Good "mood" this one for your boyfriend or girlfriend". On clear green vinyl.
 $4.00 Green Vinyl!


MAD PARADE Jigsaw Reality CD SAT 70014

The official return of one of the mid 80's melodycore pioneers. They pick up in 1995 where "A Thousand Words" left off in the late 80's. Punk rock in the Dolls/Stooges tradition with a touch of Cheap Trick to give things a slightly poppy bent. Includes the single "Flowers of Evil" (picked by Flipside Magazine magazine as one of the best singles of 1995) and 11 other mind blowers to melt your stereo.
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 MAD PARADE "Sarcasm A La Carte" Flowers of Evil/Wild Crazy Dream - SAT 70013

Picked by Flipside as one the best singles of 1995. "This piece of plastic captures the rejuvenated Mad Parade in all their power and glory...just as great as the songs on their first album..."Great single" - Flipside. On green vinyl with a sleeve that folds out into a poster.
 $4.00 Colored Vinyl!


BREATHLESS "Heartburst" CD SAT 70012 $10.99

Twelve songs of passion, love and pride. Widely hailed for their expressive soundscapes, searing guitars and sumptuous melodies. Includes their monster single "Don't Just Disappear" and features Dominic Appleton of This Mortal Coil fame (you remember "The Jeweler" from Filigree & Shadow). One of the few bands with that true 4AD sound that never had a release on "that "label. This marks the first American release for all but two songs. Includes: Don't just disappear (radio edit). You can call it yours, I never know where you are (radio edit). All that matter now, Always, Over and Over, Waiting on the wire, Wave after Wave, Ageless, Pride, All my eye and Betty Martin and Touchstone.
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 EARSHOT - Sugarties/Love Song For Alice/Big Shirts SAT 70011

Low-fi garage punk from upstate New York. Their raw crash and bang is kinda like a cross between the Stooges and the Beatles playing a frat party in hell! "Earshot will be the band you'll grab for when you turn off MTV with a grumble" - James Lien CMJ new music report. On orange soda colored vinyl.
 $4.00 Orange Vinyl!


 MAD PARADE "As soon as it begins...then it must end" CD SAT 192

Includes their now legendary first album featuring "One Tine Soldier" and "Real Horror Show" from 1984. Often compared to The Adicts and Sham 69, Mad Parade stuck to their guns with a pure, focused approach on these tunes that resulted in a trademark sound consisting of high energy guitars and sing along choruses. Many unreleased tracks and hard to find singles. A must for fans of melodycore and the mid 80's L.A. punk scene. 22 tracks in all including 5 tracks only available on this collection.
 $10.00 Wedsite exclusive and nearly out of print